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How to apply Self-Coaching to needless emotional struggle

In this episode you’ll learn how to apply my Self-Coaching principles to solving emotional struggle. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, worry, or challenging moods, Self-Coaching is a hands-on technique for liberating yourself from needless insecurity-driven, distorted thinking. By learning to distinguish between your thoughts that are contaminated by insecurity and your mature, healthy thoughts, you’ll be in a position to choose a life free of conflict and struggle.

Self-Coaching is much more than ‘coaching,’ it’s a powerful cognitive behavioral tool for understanding the why of suffering. The reason I call it Self-Coaching, is because in order to break the destructive, insecurity-driven habits that underly emotional struggle, you’re going to need to understand the need for motivational optimism in order to neutralize insecurity and replace it with self-trust. With self-trust, you’ll be free to live life spontaneously, without the worrisome need to always be in an anticipatory state of “what-iffing” life.              

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