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How to declutter your emotional life

As we juggle the complexities of our lives, we often find that we just don’t have “enough time.” We feel that we’re spread too thin, we’re worn out, depleted, and stressed. Life has become more and more convoluted by the ever-growing demands put on us by incessant texts, emails, phone calls, and interruptions that simply can’t wait.  

And yet, rather than simplifying our lives, we just keep adding layer after layer of new complexities as we seek that mythic place where our to-do list actually gets done, where we can catch our breath and get off our hectic treadmill. For some, they hang on to fantasies of a getaway vacation—where we leave all our complexities at home and experience simply being present. Ahh! Perhaps it’s time to listen to this Self-Coaching podcast and take a look at de-cluttering your emotional life…now!

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