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How to stop making mountains out of molehills

Most have experienced mountain-out-of-mole-hill thinking, what psychologists call catastrophizing. That’s when something goes awry in our lives, and we immediately jump to the worst possible conclusion. More often than not, we leap to this anxious conclusion with minimal objective reason to despair. Even when a situation isn’t dire, we still feel like we’re in a doom-and-gloom crisis. When caught up in catastrophic thinking, it’s not pleasant. You have racing thoughts; you begin to feel overwhelmed and out of control; you bombard yourself with pessimism and negativity; you feel like you’re emotionally suffocating…Phew!

In the Self-Coaching episode, I discuss the nature of mountain-out-of-molehill thinking and why treating it as a habit of insecurity is a way to deal with life’s challenges in a more healthy, less neurotic way. With a Self-Coaching approach, you never have to feel swept away by a catastrophic meltdown.

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