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Living your hopeful present

When life feels like an endless struggle, when everything in you is telling you to give up and quit, it seems like you only have one ally—hope.  And as valuable as hope maybe, in this Self-Coaching episode, Lauren and I discuss the fact that hope resides in a future expectation of relief and/or resolution. As important as it is to be hopeful about what’s ahead, it’s quite another thing to live that hope in the present.

By all means, cultivate a hopeful attitude, but do this in concert with a here-and-now determination to live your hope now–in the present. In this episode we discuss how to replace fear, doubt, or hopeless pessimism by harnessing what we call a ‘hopeful present.’ A hopeful present begins by learning to embrace your tenacity, resilience, and determination. Starting today, you can learn to live your hope.

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