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Losing weight? You’d better get to know your food enemies.

If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, you need to know what traditionally trips you up—you’re trigger foods. Start out by keeping a list of your trigger foods—any go-to, comfort foods you feel are knowingly destructive. These are your food enemies. Your food enemies list might include foods high in sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, fat, salt, flour, and wheat products; it may also include volume eating, go-to foods and snacks as well as any other food you struggle with.

Eating can become very unconscious, especially when you’re in denial. Writing down and then reading your list will prevent this from happening—especially when you begin to see certain foods showing up on your list day after day. If you are inclined and have the time, you can certainly include a more comprehensive list of everything you eat. If you choose to include everything, make a two-column list: healthy foods and destructive foods.

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