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Mind talk—how we talk ourselves into emotional struggle

What’s going through your mind right now? What thoughts are you aware of? Can you “hear’ this inner talk? When you say, “I’ll never get that job,” or, “I can’t stop worrying about getting older.” You’re actually talking to yourself—not with your mouth—but with your mind. Let’s call it, ‘mind-talk.’ And neurotic thoughts can affect us emotionally, providing the fuel for anxiety, depression, and emotional struggle. But, in order for thoughts to affect us, two things have to happen, 1.) You—a part of you—must listen to what you’re saying (mind-talk), and 2.) You must either accept or reject it.

A part of you talks and, a part of you listens may feel strange, but when, for example, if you say, “I’ll never lose weight, I’m too weak,” and then you wind up getting a bit depressed, what happened? What happened is that you accepted and embraced this declaration of insecurity. This type of thinking, if unchecked, will steer and distort you and your life. Typically, these thoughts are reflexive, knee-jerk doubts, fears, and negativity.

In the Self-Coaching episode, I discuss how to use mind-talk to not only liberate yourself from insecurity-driven, reflexive thinking but to finally experience the life you want—the life you deserve.

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