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Need a break? Try stepping out of time

Everyone talks about being present–staying in the moment. But what exactly does this mean? What exactly is the “present?” The present, mathematically speaking, is a single point in time. Now here’s where it gets weird, the point we call “present” has no duration—it is a timeless point!

I like to think of being present as engaging so intimately with life that time seems to stand still. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. It’s when you’re so involved in your moment (being present), you’re suspended—no past, no future, only the now…only the moment. It’s a wonderful and liberating experience every time you bath in that pristine, timelessness.

Starting today, find your presence in whatever you do. The universe will applaud you and grant you the gift of timelessness. And can’t we all use a break from life’s tedium?

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