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Part 2: Self-coaching yourself to a happier life

If you believe that you can’t be happy, that too much is going on and you can’t handle it, or that you can’t shake feeling anxious or depressed, then you’re allowing yourself to become corrupted by such beliefs. You need to understand that insecurity-driven beliefs are not facts. Facts are stubborn things, and when you allow yourself to feel victimized, you’re treating feelings as if they’re facts. When this happens, you become powerless to change the course of your life. The truth is you’re not powerless. And that’s a fact!

In this the second of a two-part Self-Coaching podcast, I dig a bit deeper into the roots of unhappiness and offer a simple path that will begin a process of empowering you to find the solace and satisfaction that, regardless of your current struggle, is, in fact, within your grasp.

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