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Psychological relativity: understanding the phases of our lives

Our lives flow from childhood through adolescence to the middle years and, so as not to spook you, to what I call the, post-middle years. It’s the middle years (let’s say from our 30s to our 50s), which are typically spent in what we might call the acquisition phase of life. That’s where we typically go through an external whirlwind of doing, buying, competing, becoming, evolving, and so on (phew!). These are years of seismic growth as we form relationships, establish roots, careers, all the while enjoying an exuberance mostly for life’s external things–the seemingly essential things.

Then, at some point middle age begins to—ever so gradually–yield to our post-middle-age. For many, the concept of growing older can evoke a deep rumbling associated with feeling a bit disoriented, anxious, if not depressed. But, as much as there’s a tendency to cling to what was, some do manage to transition effortlessly. What’s their secret? Well, truth is there is no secret and the solution is really rather simple. So, join me in this Self-Coaching episode as I explore an invaluable mindset and understanding that will pave the way for your ultimate psychological maturity ensuring a life of meaning and purpose.

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