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Self-Coaching basics

1. Everyone has a legacy of insecurity which is the fuel for all emotional struggle. Insecurity is a habit, and any habit can be broken. Remove the “fuel” of insecurity (i.e., doubt, fear, and negative thinking) and struggles begin to fade.

2. Thoughts precede feelings, anxieties and depressions; it’s all about learning to separate facts from destructive, emotional “fictions.” Healthy thinking is a choice.

3. When life begins to overwhelm you, anxiety and depression are misguided attempts to take control: anxiety by worrisome, anticipatory thinking and depression by emotional withdrawal and shutting down. Trying to control life is an illusion, not an answer.

4. A good coach is a good motivator. Having hope and learning to believe that you are capable of freeing yourself from emotional struggle is the optimistic fuel of liberation.

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