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Self-Coaching tips for minimizing anxiety and stress

● Remind yourself that anxiety and stress are not the same thing. Stress is a legitimate and objective response to a real-life challenge. Anxiety is an illegitimate response (perpetrated by insecurity) that has you convinced you can’t handle the challenge.
● Self-trust is a willingness to believe. The sooner you take the risk of believing that you can handle whatever life throws at you, the sooner you will be eliminating anxiety and reducing stress.
● Stress is experienced both physically as well as psychologically. When stressed work to distract yourself from the stressor.
● In all life situations, recognize that you have a choice. You will experience more stress if you feel that you are a victim.
● Don’t wait until you are stressed, start building that trust-muscle today! Recognize that learning to trust is learning to risk believing in yourself.
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