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Seven personality traits that can hurt you

In this, the first of a three-part Self-Coaching series, I talk about an old Native American tale of two wolves, one bad, one good and the battle that goes on in every human struggle. The focus of this week’s podcast is on “bad wolf” tendencies, i.e., anger, envy, regret, self-pity, guilt, inferiority, false-pride/ego. We are often aware of our negative, or ‘shadow’ traits, but when these traits operate reflexively, they tend to erode our potential for happiness and effective living. By shedding light on our shadow traits, we begin to make these tendencies more conscious, enabling us to be less victimized by them.

Next week’s podcast will focus on the “good wolf” tendencies, followed by a Self-Coaching approach to neutralize negative personality traits, actualize positive traits, and claim the life you were meant to have—the life you deserve.

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