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Smackdown Technique for Handling Food Cravings

In order to help you handle the twisted, distorted thinking involved in fighting off a compulsive urge to binge, here’s a simple technique that can save your dietary life: Take a business card and on the back write down a few clear, objective reasons why you want to resist cravings and temptations. When you find yourself buckling under with impulsive, mindless desires, simply take the card out of your purse or wallet and read the list.

For instance:
1. I’m tired of feeling weak and out of control.
2. I want to look good for the wedding.
3. I will not let food rule my life.
4. Be strong! Stay strong! I am strong!

It helps to keep reading the list, mantra-like, over and over
until either the urge passes or your thinking once again becomes focused and rational.

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