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Stop being one of life’s victims

There once was a monastery that was so strict its inhabitants were only allowed to speak two words every ten years. A novice monk, after spending his first ten years at the monastery, was asked by the head monk, “It’s been ten years. What are your two words?”

The monk replied, “Bed, hard.” Another ten years passed and once again the novice monk was asked for his two words, “Food, stinks,” he replied. After thirty years, the now elderly head monk once again asked for his two words, “I, quit,” said the younger monk.

It doesn’t surprise me,” replied the old monk, “All you’ve done is complain these past thirty years!”

What about you? Have you been stuck, year after year, in endless complaining about your life? Isn’t it time to say, “I quit!” Translation: stop being victimized by life.

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