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The 3 enemies of losing weight

In this Self-Coaching episode, the focus isn’t on the transient weight loss associated with dieting but on a lifelong goal of liberating yourself from destructive eating. It may help to keep in mind a saying derived from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: “Know your enemy.” To avoid being victimized by impulses, cravings, misperceptions, or mindless destructive patterns, it’s imperative to know and appreciate your enemies. Lifelong weight mastery has three enemies: adverse circumstances, harmful emotions, and destructive habits. Typically these enemies co-mingle. A setback at work (adverse circumstance) may cause intense panic (harmful emotion), leaving you reaching for the solace of an old friend, that pint of ice cream (destructive habit).

It goes without saying that the three enemies can occur in any order; for instance, a binge (destructive habit) could lead to depression (harmful emotion), which could then create a situation where you get in trouble at work (adverse circumstance). These are the three enemies of moderation and healthful eating and they represent the challenges that you must neutralize in order to have the life you want—the life you deserve.

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