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The difference between shame and guilt–why I still feel guilty after more than sixty years?

Many people use ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’ interchangeably, but they are, in fact, quite different. Join me in this Self-Coaching episode as I not only explain the difference, but dig deep into my own personal history to reveal an incident that took place many years ago that, to this day, still echoes with guilt and shame.

What about you? If you forget to feed the dog, say something you regret to a friend, or how about if you say no to a request for help? Do you feel guilty? Ashamed of yourself?

Although guilt and shame can be legitimate responses to shabby or hurtful behavior, most times these feelings are neurotically driven by insecurity. Once you know how to ferret out truth from emotional fiction, you’ll be in a position to a use a few Self-Coaching steps to extricate yourself from needless suffering.

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