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The magic of optimism

I would guess that most children believe in magic–the power to make impossible things happen. As adults, our world becomes devoid of magic as we accept the hard reality that when it comes to life’s challenges, there are no magic wands or other fantastic solutions to our struggles. In this Self-Coaching episode, I challenge you to recognize that there is magic, not the abracadabra kind of magic, but the very real, every day magic that comes with understanding the power of optimism–the power to make impossible things become possible.

The magic of optimism offers you a glimpse into the transformative power that you harness when you live with a grounded expectation of personal resilience and resolve. The key isn’t eliminating problems, it’s managing and handling the inevitable challenges that constitute living in the real world. Is it really magic? I’ll let you decide for yourself, but keep in mind that things that seem impossible to you today, may, in fact, become possible with the magic of optimism.

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