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The Negativity Bias: why it’s harder to be positive than negative

In this episode Lauren and I discuss the ‘negativity bias,’ an inherited human trait that causes us to put more weight on life’s negatives than on life’s positives. A genetic predisposition, such as the negativity bias, is NOT a life sentence, it’s only “tendency toward” clinging—Velcro-like—to negatives. We discuss various, straightforward, Self-Coaching ways to neutralize the negativity bias and replace it with an empowered capacity for positivity. Although the negativity bias has an evolutionary survival basis, it’s important to differentiate a helpful negativity bias from neurotic negativity. The former is driven by potentially harmful life circumstances, the latter by fictions of insecurity. This episode will teach you to differentiate between the two–paving the way for more positive and empowered living.

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