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There’s A Reason Why You’re Stuck, the key to resistance is persistence

If you’re anxious, depressed, or simply struggling with day-to-day routines, you’re probably no stranger to the resistance you feel when you try to change. It’ s that feeling of being “stuck.” From a Self-Coaching perspective, resistance can often be seen as a form of control, an attempt to avoid the implications of change. It’s the devil you know being better than the devil you don’t. Resistance, or psychological inertia, can exacerbate anxiety and depression as you continue to embrace the destructive habits of insecurity (worry, doubt, fear, negativity, etc.) that keep you bottled up. The best way to overcome any psychological resistance is to persistently apply the steps of Self-Talk to your struggles, i.e., separating facts from fictions, standing up to insecurity-driven thoughts and risking letting go while learning to live your life more reactively…more spontaneously.

I say, “risk” letting go, however it’s really not much of a risk at all. It just feels risky to abandon the perceived safety and security that insecurity portends to offer. In order to embolden yourself to take this leap of faith and risk trusting, you’re going to have to make a conscious choice not to be ruled and victimized by your habits of insecurity–habits that keep you imprisoned. Self-Coaching is a way of enlightening yourself to the real truth–the truth that the safety of an insecurity-driven life isn’t safe at all, it’s only the illusion of safety! In fact, if you consider what’s at stake (i.e., your liberation from psychological struggle), the real danger to your life is to remain on the hamster wheel of insecurity-driven, doubts, fears, and negativity. It’s this endless loop of psychological stagnation that inevitably winds up feeding rather than starving your habits of insecurity, anxiety, or depression.

Take a look at some of my articles at this website for further discussion of Self-Coaching’s method of self-liberation.

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