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Try elevating your optimism

As we progress though the cold dark days of winter, I noticed something different this morning as I looked out over the crystal-glazed, frigid lawn, everything was…well, different. Different in that everything was brighter, less blue-tinted with more color and vibrancy. Was it my imagination and anticipation of warmer weather to come? Then it dawned on me, the sun was now perched about twenty degrees higher in the sky then it was a month ago. This new angle was indeed painting everything in a different light…a more hospitable light of all things warm to come.
If you struggle emotionally, it may be time to elevate, not the sun, but your level of optimism and hope. Optimism and hope will change your entire perception and outlook on life. Even a few “degrees” of elevation can make all the difference between hopeless, blue-tinted depression, and the warmer tones of personal empowerment and encouragement.
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