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Want a more fulfilling life? Try living more responsively.

Starting today, apply a bit of Self-coaching and see if you can be more “responsive.” It can be simple things. For example, not rehearsing how you’ll tell your neighbor that his dog is using your yard as a toilet, or not worrying what “might” happen if you were to get a notice from the IRS. Instead, do nothing!

Risk letting these and other situations come to you rather than you abstractly going to them mentally. Let life present itself to you and begin to find out that you won’t let yourself down. I know it will feel risky, which is why I suggest you start with simple things, low impact challenges that begin to demonstrate that, lo and behold, you really can handle life on the fly. Bottom line: responsive living is a willingness to believe in yourself and your resourcefulness to handle life’s challenges, not in anticipation of them, but as they occur.

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