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Want life answers? Stop looking for them

There’s a German proverb that goes: begin to weave and God will give you the thread. From a more secular, Self-Coaching perspective, start to “weave,” (i.e., believe in yourself) and the threads of happiness will find you. Sounds a bit far-fetched? Well, not if you begin to risk trusting (self and life). Trust allows you to begin to liberate yourself from relying on insecurity’s need to over-control life. And when you loosen your grip on trying to control life, you begin to allow your instinctual, intuitive, responsive abilities to handle what comes your way in life. It’s the incessant, worrisome figuring and anticipating that bogs you down. For the insecure control-person, when it comes to discovering a liberated life, believing in yourself may feel risky at first…until you see the benefits, i.e., a happy life.

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