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Want to lose weight? Stop eating like a child.

Be honest with yourself. When you “cheat,” overindulge, or binge, aren’t you making the same kind of choices a six-year-old would make? Aren’t you allowing impulse to rule you, sabotaging weight loss? After all, when you were a kid, you were all about sweets, snacks, and treats. There was no nagging conscience, no hesitations—only an opportunistic desire to indulge. And why not? You knew that at some point your parent would intervene: You’ve had enough. Save the rest for tomorrow’s snack. You didn’t have to monitor yourself at six years old; you just ate. And today, when you eat like a six-year-old, you, once again, aren’t taking any responsibility to monitor yourself. And what’s worse, there’s no one around—except you—who can say you’ve had enough. This is one reason why we tend to feel shame after bingeing; we know we’ve been acting (and eating) like a child.

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