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What exactly is anxiety?

Everyone worries, right? If so, are we, in fact, genetically programmed to “worry” about threatening future events? If so, then by extension, are we doomed, to a greater or lesser degree, to be anxious? The answer is yes. We seem to be programmed to worry, and yes, we seem to be programmed to get anxious. But there is a caveat. Both worrying and anxiety can be either perfectly normal or terribly neurotic.

Completely eliminating anxiety in life isn’t a possibility. We all deal with difficult life circumstances, loss, rejection, separations, and so on, and having a proportionate, anxious reaction to such challenges is clearly an understandable human reaction, however, a disproportionate, ruminative, ongoing struggle with crippling anxiety is not only neurotic, it’s avoidable.  In this Self-Coaching episode, you’ll learn how my dog, Lulu, helped me to develop a common sense approach to minimizing life’s anxieties.   

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