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Where’s your broom?

This is a photo I took a few weeks ago of the Veil Nebula (better known as the Witches Broom). It got me thinking as I was sweeping up some crumbs cluttering up my kitchen floor. What are the crumbs that clutter up our lives? Worry, fear, negativity, self-doubt, to name a few. If only we had a broom to sweep them out of our psyche. The good news is that you do have a broom, it’s called self-trust. With self-trust you’re willing to sweep away anticipatory, hesitant broodings (a.k.a., the dreaded, ‘what-ifs?’) and replace them with the courage to live life in the present, as it unfolds (not in some uncertain future).

If you struggle emotionally this may feel risky because you’re abandoning your go-to neurotic strategies of control (e.g., worry, rumination, compulsivity, etc.) and just because it feels risky doesn’t mean it is risky. By abandoning your tendency to over-control life, you’re allowing yourself to tap into your true potential. Two million years of evolution have made you a survival machine–instinctually your real power resides within you. And this power is released with a willingness to self-trust.

Find your broom.

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