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Why people disappoint us: managing relationship “orbits”

In every relationship there will inevitably be ups and downs, disappointments, and regrets, but what if I told you that there’s a way to protect yourself from needless relationship conflict and surprises? There is—and in this Self-Coaching episode, you’ll learn that managing relationship “orbits” is the key.

By understanding relationship orbits, you’ll be in a position to place your relationships in their proper orbits based on how you’re treated. Your inner orbits are reserved for those close, trusting, loyal people with whom you have absolute trust, but as you move out to more distant orbits, you have those who are less reliable, less trustworthy, and even destructive.

By placing your relationships in the proper orbit, you will never wind up scratching your head asking, “Why did he hurt me like that?” Or, “I can’t believe she spread that lie about me.” The reason you won’t be confused is because your expectations are in sync with the actual person, not the illusion of the person we wish they would be.

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