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Why you don’t have to fear getting older

Depending on your age you might, as I did in my youth, see getting older as a curse. Whatever your age, you should know that age isn’t all about winding down, not really. Of course, the body reacts differently to gravity and physical challenges become more common, but that’s to be expected, the mind, however, well, that’s a totally different story!

With age and experience, we become capable of soaring to new heights of understanding and connecting to our world. We understand more what it means to be human, to be vulnerable,and we understand that the differences we once felt for our enemies are not as black and white as we once thought. We become more humble and less driven by impulse—more by a deeper desire to connect rather than to disconnect.

But, of course there is a “but.” This only happens when you give up your adolescent perceptions of life and begin to embrace your real maturity—carpe vitae

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