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Why you need to treat anxiety and depression as addictions

Insecurity, which is the core of all anxiety of depression, needs to be treated like an addiction. Take, for example, a cigarette smoker addicted to nicotine. If they allow “one “or “two” cigarettes a day, their habit will persist (if not grow stronger). Habits, all habits, are either reinforced or starved. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, you have a substantial habit of insecurity (addiction to worrisome fears, doubts, or negatives). You feed it constantly by your neurotic doubts, fears, and negativity. It’s important to recognize that insecurity is, in fact, like an addiction…and you must begin to separate yourself from this rather knee-jerk capitulation. It’s all about insecurity (a.k.a., habituated feelings of vulnerability). Unfortunately, most insecurities are long standing habits and will be resistant to change. But take heart in the notion that all habits are learned and all habits can be broken—even habits of anxiety and depression. It will feel unnatural at first to resist your fears, but do keep in mind that you are not your insecurity. Insecurity is an overlay to your inviolate personality.


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