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Why you should be impatient about being unhappy

Self-Coaching is an “impatient” form of therapy. Whereas traditional analysis patiently explores the depths of your past, looking for the “truth” that will set you free, Self-Coaching rejects this notion. Like a cigarette smoker, you don’t need to know why you started smoking; you need to know what you can do to break the habit. It’s not the truth that will set you free; it’s understanding how you unwittingly reinforce neurotic thinking habits. Asking ‘why’ you struggle isn’t the right question; what are you going to do about it is.

Learning the simple truth about what needs to be done to liberate you from your reflexive, insecurity-driven habits of thinking and systematically replacing these thoughts with more objective, mature thinking may take practice, but at the very least, you will know what has to be done. You will no longer feel victimized by your struggles.

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