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Worrying: turning molehills into mountains

Ever notice how silly someone else’s worry seems to you? How many times have you told someone to stop making mountains out of molehills? Unfortunately, if worry has become your knee-jerk reflexive response to life challenges, then mountain-making is what you do best. And when you’re making mountains out of molehills, the strangest things can seem very real. Insecurity, aside from making fictions seem like facts is opportunistic. Give it an opening and it will take you for a ride.

Starting today, remind yourself of the countless problems and worries that have come and gone in your life. How many problems have you solved to date? One thousand? Fifty thousand? Somehow, you’ve managed to survive, to figure out, solve, get around, under or over every obstacle, right? Every crisis eventually becomes history and you move on. What makes you think that today’s worries will be any different? Next time you come across a molehill, insist on a bit of Self-Coaching and stop calling it a mountain!

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