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You’re a survival machine, so how about some self-trust?

What exactly is self-trust? From a Self-Coaching perspective, it’s a willingness to risk believing that you can handle life’s challenges. That doesn’t sound so difficult or complicated, right? It may sound simple, but if I were to tell you to go ahead and stop worrying about your finances, ruminating about the fact that you’re getting older, or that your headache isn’t brain cancer, do you think you can simply stop? Probably not, but with a bit of self-trust you can begin to learn to live more “responsively,” allowing life to unfold without trying to anticipate or control it, with the conviction that you can and will handle what comes your way.

Hard to even imagine such an unburdened life, huh? That’s okay, starting today, simply begin taking that leap of faith and begin to believe that you can handle life as it unfolds. After all, you’re a survival machine who has handled countless problems and challenges to date—and you made it this far! What’s to say you won’t handle today’s challenges…spontaneously, in the moment, without the anticipatory anxiety of wringing your what-iffing hands of self-distrust?

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